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Concerned about moles or freckles

Early detection is vital to the diagnoses and management of Melanoma & Skin Cancer. Full Body Photography offers 17 structured poses as a documented benchmark to compare against future examinations. Detecting visual changes early is the best step you can personally take between visits with your doctor.

Professional digital Full Body Photography may assist you and your doctors in the early detection of melanoma. This is a once only procedure!

Who can benefit from Skin Mapping Photography?
Those who have:
– A vast number of moles and freckles.
– Had excess sun exposure.
– A family or personal history of melanoma.
– Concerns about their moles or lesions that may change.

Full Body Photography

A customised lighting setup to help reduce shadows creating even lighting and offer an even and consistent colour tone across the skin for future comparisons.

The focus or sharpness of an image comes from using a prime lens that offers the clearest optical resolution. An additional Macro lens is used for close up photography of areas needing closer documentation.


Full Body Photography uses a strategic structured set of 17 views (or poses). This is aimed at capturing maximum clear and focused images of your skin with even lighting. All images are watermarked for record keeping and professionally printed securely on long lasting, bleach free photographic paper in Letter/A4 size (8 x 12):


All images are organised into a presentation folder for long term storage and delivered back to your referring doctor or directly to yourself if specifically requested:


Optionally you may also request a digital copy of your prints for easy storage. These are supplied to you in the Adobe PDF print document. CD’s are not used as they will oxidize over time and become unreadable if not scratched or damaged sooner.


Do I need a doctor’s referral? No referral is needed however it is most likely that your doctor recommended this service to you for preventative care.

What can I expect at my appointment? You’ll meet our friendly professional photographer who will be assisted by a staff member of the clinic. You will introduced to the format of photos and stances that are needed to cover the Full Body Photography portfolio. You do not have to be completely nude for the process and all steps are done at your level of comfort.

How long does it take? A Full Body Photography appointment will take between 20 to 30 minutes to cover the standard 17 views and any additional close up (Macro)photography requested.

How can I book in to get my photos taken? This is done by arrangement with your GP or Dermatologist on pre-set dates arranged with the photographer. Ask your GP or Dermatologist at the time of your consultation for a referral or you can simply call ‘Full Body Photography’ directly on 0413 750 100 to make an appointment.

Where are my photos taken? Photos are taken at your General Practitioner’s office or Dermatology clinic. A registered nurse, doctor or clinic staff will be present with the Full Body Photographer.

How do I get my photos? All photos are securely printed, watermarked with you and your referring doctor’s details on photographic paper and delivered back to your referring GP/dermatologist in a protective folder. Digital copies of your photos are also available to you as a PDF document on request at no extra charge.

How often should I get my Full Body Photography done? This is considered to be a once off procedure, however if you have since had skin treatments, operations or are generally concerned with the changes of your skin with age then it may be safe to update your Full Body Photography images. It may be best to ask for the opinion of your GP or dermatologist to see if this is necessary.

What should I wear to an appointment? Loose fitting clothing would be best to allow you to get changed easily. Brief underwear is best for the procedure as you are not expected to be fully naked. Please limit makeup to a minimum as well as body lotions that may play with the lighting of the skin.

Will this procedure be covered by my private health insurance? Some of the private health insurances cover the service. It is best to check your health insurance policy or call your health insurance provider to determine whether they will cover the cost of the procedure. There is no item number, but when calling quote “melanoma surveillance imaging”, as this is the wording generally used.

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Packages & Fees

Full Body Photography
17 views printed on photographic paper                                   $250
Close up Photography
Macro lens providing sharp 1x magnification                             $15
Digital copies
Hi resolution printable Adobe acrobat PDF version                   $0



Contact the photographer – Lee Lucas on 0435 150 222 or reception at Valentine Dermatology 02 4942 8002